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Gyani Digital Technologies


Digital Technologies has the solutions to all your business related problems, as it's a combination of Cloud Telephony, Web API and Lead Management, which focuses on managing and automating leads through a strategic business process. Give you a platform for unified communication, that enables effective leads generation, management and tracking of new sales opportunities. Our service is quick, easy and affordable for any business, who encounters a communication problem with their leads. Offers you a wide range of services to help you generate, manage and follow the leads, through our innovative business communication solutions that make the business sales process effective. Our web based business communication solutions offer you complete scalability to meet your business needs on the best possible cloud infrastructure. We provide you with a reliable cloud infrastructure, where all the uniform communication with the leads are met with flexibility. Offer the best solutions to the customer’s problems and lead customers to web-based solutions, which enhances the productivity of a business and delivers positive results. Our services ensure the efficiency of the entire business process of acquiring new customers, boosting sales, enhancing customer support and building brand reputation.

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We are one of the top most cloud telephony service provider who helps people to have virtual call center which is easy to manage cost effective and as well as you can manage your calls from anywhere. We give the solution to take your IVR calls in your direct number where no office landline require.
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1st Floor, Balaji Majestic, Mithu Road, Bank More Dhanbad, Jharkhand,India-826001 Phone: (+91) 326 - 6550357|8|9
+91 9334606988  or  +91 3266550358  or  +91 3266550359  
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0 0 Gyani Digital Technologies 1st Floor, Balaji Majestic, Mithu Road, Bank More Dhanbad, Jharkhand,India-826001 Phone: (+91) 326 - 6550357|8|9